Plans for 2015: part 1

We are¬†just a week into 2015 but I already am starting to feel anxious to make this a year of successes. Like most people I start the year with high hopes. I know an important part of realizing my goals is to write it down. What better place than on a blog ūüôā

One of my major projects from last year was to get a better website designed. It has only been seven years in the making. Part of the reason it has taken so long as I was working fulltime with a large mining company leaving me with little free time. I would think about it, occasionally create something but inevitably be my strongest critic and scrap it. Its rather hard to design for oneself! This past year I hired someone to help me with the backend while I concentrating on the design of the front end. Currently it is done, I just need to make the time to transfer it over and add content. So Goal #1: Get this done!

Last year I also put together a PowerPoint presentation of my PowerPoint design work. Trouble is I don’t think many people have seen it. Goal #2: Send this out to people so they can see the work that I do.

Goal #3: Create a brochure about Geodesignworks. Brochures (two or four page) are a common piece of print communication mining companies use at trade shows. Many of them are very badly designed because they stuff in as much content as possible, with whatever images are on hand. The result is something very uninviting to read. I am quite passionate about designing brochures that convey the right amount of information to do what a brochure needs to do Рinform people about projects and companies in a concise manner and direct detailed questions to the website and people at the company.

I have more goals but I think I had better stick with these ones for right now. Stay tuned for a progress report!

Plans for 2015: part 1