General update

“General update” is a bit of a boring title for a blog post I suppose, but tonight the creativity has been sucked out a bit by this heat wave here on the West coast!

The Geodesignworks website is still taking baby steps to completion, but I have added some additional content to the portfolio section.

One of the projects recently completed was for High Power Exploration. They needed a series of illustrations to help explain why their HPX geophysical survey techniques were advantageous over their competitors. They had sketched out the basic concepts to convey. From these I created a simplified cross section with varying topography and based all of the illustrations on this section. The illustrations ended up being used in the High Power booth during the 2015 PDAC.

HPX_TyphoonIllustrations_Truck_02Mar2015-01 HPX_TyphoonIllustrations_Signal2_02Mar2015-01 HPX_TyphoonIllustrations_water2_02Mar2015-01 HPX_TyphoonIllustrations_strength2_02Mar2015-01

General update