Social Media Strategy

I am currently working on a social media strategy for a very small one-person run company. The person that started it knew he needed to get better at it, but was feeling overwhelmed. I don’t blame him, it is totally overwhelming not just with the choice of platforms but all the information and tutorials that are out there. As I have been working on this strategy I have learned a lot, and learned I have so much more to learn. I think the best way for any organization to approach this is to try to keep it simple, as in don’t try to be on every platform. Spend more time on a few, and post information, share information more regularly. I know I need to!

Another key part of social media is remembering your companies brand. It should be foremost in your mind when you are choosing content, and any conversation you have online should also reflect these values. Write them down, have them by your keyboard, read them everyday.

Social Media Strategy

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